Welcome to Studio Marco Fantozzi – Innovative Solutions to Leverage Performance in Water Industry !


Studio Marco Fantozzi was created in 2004 by Marco Fantozzi to assist Water Utilities, regulators and technology providers to promote the IWA (International Water Association) practical approach to leakage management through the use of customised software, training, consultancy, innovative solutions and technical support. Since then over 200 utilities worldwide attended our training courses in over 20 countries, in all continents and Marco Fantozzi has directly participated in some 98 projects in 15 countries. We are consulting engineers specialised on water loss management and we provide Consultancy, Research, Training, Technical Support and Software for sustainable optimisation of water distribution systems.

Honors & Awards

In 2014 Marco Fantozzi has been invited to join the IWA Fellows in recognition of the valuable contributions he has made to the International Water Association and is one of four IWA Water Loss Specialist Group regional representatives for Europe with particular responsibility for South and East Europe.

Marco Fantozzi is a member of the Scientific Committee of Fondazione Aqualab, a no-profit organisation established in 2010 by Bocconi University, Politecnico di Milano, Pavia University and MM water utility on water.

EU Reference document: Good Practices on Leakage Management

Marco Fantozzi is a member of the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group which developed the “best practice” methodology for water loss management. More info at: IWA WaterLoss SG.

Marco Fantozzi was a member of drafting group WG PoM E U of the WFD (Water Framework Directive) CIS (Common Implementation Strategy) which in October 2014 delivered the EU Reference document: Good Practices on Leakage Management. The importance of the development of this reference document within the framework of the WFD CIS is to raise attention and increase knowledge of the issue of leakage management and to contribute to mitigating the potential negative impacts of leakage on reaching WFD article 4 objectives among all European Member States and stakeholders.

Free copies of the EU Reference documents are available from https://circabc.europa.eu; and from http://bit.ly/16dzx9f and http://bit.ly/1K6K8BK. An ‘at a glance’ leaflet is currently available at: http://www.leakssuite.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/At-a-Glance-Leaflet-15-mar.pdf. Additional material, including presentation of case studies, is also available at: http://www.leakssuite.com/eu-good-practice-on-leakage-management/


Marco Fantozzi is a member of:


Marco Fantozzi is the Scientific Coordinator of International Conferences held at H2O International Water Fair (www.accadueo.com). In collaboration with Labelab and Accadueo Water Fair, he was the organizer of the following international Conferences:

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