Marco Fantozzi is a member of Expert Evaluators Panel for HORIZON 2020 and for the 5th, 6th and 7th Framework Research Program of the European Commission for the Key Action “Sustainable Management and Quality of Water”. He has been involved as an expert evaluator in following EC research activities: SME CRAFT APRIL 2002 – MARIECURIE MAY 2001 – DEC 2001 – WATER INNO&DEMO of FP7-ENV-2013 Research & Innovation Program.

Marco Fantozzi has been involved in the following EC funded projects in the water and wastewater sector:

– WaterSpy

– Proactive

– ICeWater



– Aquaknight

– WaterPipe


– Integrated LIFE-LAW

– T.V.P. Integrated Planning and Management of Urban Drainage, Wastewater Treatment and Receiving Water Systems

– Wastewater Pollution Load Monitor

Consultant in “WaterSpy” project (High sensitivity, portable photonics device for pervasive water quality analysis), a project funded by the Horizon 2020 Program of the European Commission started in Nov. 2016. Pervasive and on-line water quality monitoring data is critical for detecting environmental pollution. WaterSpy addresses this challenge by developing water quality detection photonics technology suitable for inline, field measurements, operating in the 6-10 μm region.

Consultant in “PROACTIVE” project funded by Region Lombardy (Italy) with the European Fund for Regional Development (FESR) Smart Cities and Communities. The project started in March 2014. The concept at the heart of PROACTIVE is listening to the territory, through an innovative synthesis of heterogeneous sources: databases of structured PA, data collected by sensors (including leak detection sensors) of new generation based on high-speed networks and reliability, and data provided by citizens understood as “smart sensors”.

Consultant in “ICeWater” project (ICT Solutions for efficient Water Resources Management), a major European project funded by the 7th Framework Program of the European Commission started in Oct. 2012. ICeWater will increase the stability of freshwater supply to citizens in urban areas by adjusting the water supply to the actual consumption, while minimizing energy consumption through smart-grid integration and water spillage through leak detection.

Member of the “WISDOM” Special Interest Group to strengthen successful outcome of the work. The WISDOM (Water analytics and Intelligent Sensing for Demand Optimised Management) project, supported by the European Commission under the 7th Framework, aims at achieving a step change in water and energy savings via the integration of innovative Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) frameworks to optimize water distribution networks and to enable change in consumer behaviour through innovative demand management and adaptive pricing schemes. WISDOM project aims at integrating and demonstrating innovative ICT systems and services for efficient water use and reuse in order to improve household, business and societal awareness and induce changes in consumers’ behaviour and to enable innovative resource and demand management scheme and adaptive pricing incentives. WISDOM is a project funded under the EU 7th Framework Program which started in February 2014 and will run for 3 years.

Member of the “SMARTH2O” Scientific Committee to support successful outcome of the project. Smart H2O project will proactively engage citizens by means of cooperative awareness tools, such as water consumption profiling and feedback, persuasive games for behavior change, and computer-supported community work.
Results will be deployed in two challenging use cases, in selected districts of London (UK) and Locarno (CH) , potentially reaching millions of users.

Promoter (with Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) of the University of Athens, Greece) and consultant in the Project “Aquaknight” a three years project recently approved by ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme and started in Dec 2011. Aquaknight Specific Objectives include: 1) the development of five parallel pilot projects in Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia and EU Mediterranean Countries (Cyprus and Italy) for the transfer of experience in integrated planning and management of water distribution networks – 2) capacity building of water companies and public institutions to promote water saving and water demand management – 3) to promote synergies and collaborative actions for tackling water scarcity in the Mediterranean basin – 4) To transfer the knowledge and state-of-the-art techniques for efficient water management.

Project Director of the “Integrated LIFE-LAW” Project that provided an innovative approach to the implementation of the European Community Directive for controlling the discharge deriving from urban and industrial areas to water bodies – through the integration of advanced decision-making tools (Mouse, Mike11, Stoat). The project has been co-financed by European Commission in the “LIFE” ’96 Program. The project, performed by ASM (IT) in partnership with Danish Hydraulic Institute (Denmark), Water Research Centre (UK), University of Brescia, Municipality of Lumezzane and Province of Brescia (Italy). The project required strong planning and organizational skills together with communication skills and ability to collaborate across organizational boundaries. This innovative project has been completed on time and in budget.

Responsible for ASM (Partner) in the Project “Wastewater Pollution Load Monitor“, co-financed by the European Commission in the “BRITE-EURAM” ‘97 Program”. The project provided new instruments for measuring polluting load in wastewater based on optical properties. The project has been implemented by ASM (IT), Water Research Centre (UK), University of Dublin (Ireland), Interenge (Portugal), Opdix (Germany), etc.

Official Observer in the Project “T.V.P. Integrated Planning and Management of Urban Drainage, Wastewater Treatment and Receiving Water Systems“, co-financed by European Commission in the frame of “Technology Validation Project” ’96.