The concepts and practical modern international approaches to understanding and managing leakage are situated in diverse locations, which can be difficult for practitioners and researchers to find and access. Studio Marco Fantozzi, in collaboration with WLRandA Ltd and ILMSS Ltd, promote a policy of easy free access to their presentations and papers at Conferences and Workshops, basic technical Guidelines.

Technical Papers

Many of Marco Fantozzi’s papers, and a wide range of additional relevant material – explanation of key concepts, free papers and presentations, global ILIs, free software and blogs – is available for free download from The LeaksSuite website requests that the source is acknowledged if any part of this material is reproduced elsewhere.

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An effective way to reduce Non-Revenue Water, improve energy efficiency and reduce operation and maintenance costs. Prepared by Marco Fantozzi (Studio Marco Fantozzi, Italy).
Pressure management has proven to be an effective tool for reducing the leakage part of Non-Revenue
Water (NRW), improving energy efficiency and reducing operation and maintenance costs. This
article looks at the benefits of tackling these three issues using pressure management, especially as the
predicative models for burst frequency are now more precise. Extended asset life, based on latest research
results, is expected to be the largest benefit with pressure management.
Please download the White Paper at: or click here: Whitepaper_English.

Interviews Marco Fantozzi – Italiano   

Interview is available at:

Video presentation Marco Fantozzi – Italiano   

Presentation about the EU Reference document “Good Practices on Leakage Management” WFD CIS WG PoM), given at ‘Servizi a Rete Tour 2015′ in Milan is available at:

Interviews Marco Fantozzi – English

Interview is available at:

Other Interviews at IWA WaterIdeas 2014

A selection of interviews to speaker at IWA WaterIdeas conference is available at:

IWA Blog  

August 2017 – A blog about reliable operational performance indicators are critical to address water losses is available at: 

March 2015 – A blog about benefits of pressure management is available at:

Online chat for Guardian Sustainable Business

A chat about non revenue water management is available at:

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