PM TrainingMarco Fantozzi offers several traning programs for water balance, water loss control, pressure management and leak detection utilizing the latest best practices. As a technical trainer, Marco Fantozzi participated in more than 50 training courses on water loss management in Italy and abroad and he participated in more than 50 international conferences presenting more than 100 papers on these matters including economic management of water losses and ELL calculation. He has been Guest lecturer at University of Catania, Perugia and Brescia (Italy), Tel Aviv (Israel) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Marco Fantozzi organizes a number of training courses on the following topics:

Water Balance and Audit

WB pic1In 1996, the Water Loss Task Force of the International Water Association (IWA) was formed with the task of standardizing the terminology and procedure for completing a water balance and also to develop clear and meaningful performance indicators to assess both operational and financial performance of a water utility with respect to water loss. Since then the IWA Water Loss Task Force grew significatively becoming a Specialist Group and influencing many water utilities and regulators worldwide and the IWA methodology for assessing water loss in distribution systems has now spread around the world. It has also recently been adopted by the EU Reference Document Good Practices on Leakage Management WFD CIS WG PoM (; Marco Fantozzi was among the first to utilize the Standard IWA Water Balance in Europe and continues to participate in its development. Marco Fantozzi is the principal authorised user of LEAKS in Europe, the Worlds only leakage control management software suite from ILMSS Ltd.  The training explains how to calculate Standard IWA Water Balance and Performance Indicators according to latest reccomandations by IWA and EU report as well as how to benchmark performances and how to identify priorities for intervention.

- Apparent lossess and meter under registration

Lab ctr1Water utilities install and maintain domestic water meters but so far in most utilities customer meters are replaced on a run-to-fail basis, as in many countries there is not yet a mandatory requirement to replace the water meters. As a consequence residential water meters’ park is quite old and inaccurate. This training demonstrates that through the practical application of advanced methodologies, a significant improvement in the efficiency of distribution systems is feasible. Training includes description of research methodologies used and presentation of the benefits realised from incorporating whole of life cost, customer flow profiling and actual water use into a scientifically based domestic meter replacement programme. The methodology has been successfully applied to some case studies where a proposal of optimal replacement period for domestic water meters based on loss/gain calculation has been implemented by the utilities.

- Active Leakage Control

alc fig4Active Leakage Control is a fundamental tool for reducing leakages. Marco Fantozzi and Allan Lambert developed a quick and practical method for calculating economic intervention (for active leakage control to locate unreported leaks and bursts), and short-run economic leakage level. This training introduces to latest acoustic technologies and outlines a quick and practical method for assessing economic intervention frequency (and associated budgetary and volumetric parameters) for an active leakage control policy based on regular survey. Calculations are based on three key parameters: natural rate of rise of unreported leakage, marginal cost of water, and cost of intervention. It is hoped this will encourage Utilities that do not currently undertake active leakage control to adopt an ongoing basic active leakage control policy which can be simply demonstrated as being economic for their own situation.

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- Pressure Management

Pressure management has proven to be an effective tool for reducing the leakage part of Non-Revenue Water (NRW), improving energy efficiency and reducing operation and maintenance costs while extending asset life. This training, based on latest research results, explains how to make a financial case study assessing the benefits in advance, where and how to take and analyse the flow and pressure measurements and which type of pressure management technologies to implement in specific cases to achieve best possible results with pressure management.

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Advanced course on Pressure Management and Pressure Transients in water distribution systems in collaboration with Deltares / WLR&A.  Aim of the course:  The general purpose of this 3-day intensive course is to explain and demonstrate the latest concepts and tools for optima management of pressure in water distribution systems (including insights in analysis, prediction and validation methods for estimate of pressure management benefits) and deeper insight into pressure transients in pipeline systems. Previous courses held at Waternet (Amsterdam), 31 Oct – 2 Nov 2012 and at Siemens (Munich), 19-21 March 2014. More info at:

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