Marco Fantozzi is now the principal authorised user for Europe for almost all of the LeaksSuite leakage and pressure management softwares (, developed by Allan Lambert (ILMSS Ltd – International Leakage Management Support Services Ltd) based on methods promoted by IWA Water Losses Specialist Group, that allow the User to evaluate the various processes of quantifying leakage and leakage management options, and identify opportunities for reducing leakage and saving money.


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By 2015, 645 recipients in 75 countries had LeaksSuite programs, mostly provided with expert global support by specialist regional consultants, fully trained in the concepts and applications, as national distributors of the software.

As a prominent distributor of LEAKSSuite software since 2005, Marco’s outstanding commitment and support was recognised when, in September 2013, his exclusive Software Licence distribution Agreement in Italy, West Balkans, Greece and Cyprus  was extended for a further 10 years.

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In May 2015, this Agreement was further modified to an exclusive ‘ongoing use’ Agreement for some existing defined items of LEAKSSuite software – CheckCalcs, PIFastCalcs, PressCalcs, ALCCalcs, ELLCalcs, UFRZoneCalcs, ANPER, STIPERZENIA, throughout the whole of Europe, with support from Aqua Libera in West Balkans and Melcer Consulting in Greece and Cyprus.

Marco Fantozzi will be pleased to provide quotations on request for purchase, training and technical support of any of the above software, or for writing a new specialist software to Client’s requirements.  Visit for more info.

Overview – Leakage and Pressure Management using LEAKS Suite

Software for Water Utilities – free, standard, customised and professional

LEAKS (Leakage Evaluation and Assessment Know-How Software) is a comprehensive suite of customisable software programs used to quantify leakage and pressure management options in water distribution systems. It can help Utilities to understand the interlinked processes that cause leakage, and to identify opportunities for reducing leakage, saving money and increasing efficiency

LEAKS was created by Allan Lambert, an acknowledged expert in water loss management, for ILMSS Ltd and its international partners. It uses proven practical methods  promoted  by the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group such as IWA Water Balance and best practice KPIs, Real Loss component  analysis  and FAVAD pressure:leak flow  relationships

Free Software

CheckCalcs is an introductory software that can quickly:

  • calculate ‘best practice’ performance indicators for systems
  • identify priority actions, using international guidelines
  • assess benefits of managing adverse effects of excess pressure

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AZP&NDFCalcs introduces two important leakage analysis concepts

  • Average Zone Point (AZP) for representative average pressure measurements
  • Night Day Factor (NDF) to convert night leakage per hour to daily leakage

AZP pic1Reliable leakage calculations need to take account of Zone pressures, so an ‘Average Zone Point’ (AZP) needs to be identified, for representative measurements of average pressure. Because Zone pressure (and therefore leak flow rate) varies over 24 hours, an average ‘Night Day Factor’ (NDF) is also needed to convert night leakage per hour to daily leakage (& vice versa).  This free software explains how to identify and record the location of the Average Zone Point, and how to calculate the Night Day Factor by analysing pressure measurements taken at the Average Zone Point.

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AZPandNDFCalcs: An Excel Workbook with colour coded Worksheets tabs:


  • Learn why Inlet Point, Average Zone Point and Target (Critical) Point need to be defined for every Zone
  • Define these points in the PMSites Worksheet, then show them on a Zone Plan, with contours
  • Night Day Factor = Night leakage volume /hr24-hour Leakage volume
  • Learn why NDF can be more or less than 24 hours/day, depending on variations in average zone pressure
  • Learn how to calculate NDF from pressures measured at the Average Zone Point


Advanced Software

PIFastCalcs – Advanced Water Balance and KPI calculations

NRW volumes, costs, KPIs, confidence limts

The 4-component approach to management of Real Losses starts with an IWA best practice Water Balance and associated Key Performance Indicators. PIFastCalcs does these calculations in more detail than ‘CheckCalcs’, with reliability bands, confidence levels, and valuation of Non Revenue Water components.


  • Use of confidence limits identifies data weak points in water balance, and priorities to improve confidence limits for calculated Real Losses.
  • Designed for easy sensitivity testing
  • ‘Consumption’ and ‘Running Costs’ Worksheets can be used for detailed information when appropriate.
  • How low could you go? Calculates Unavoidable Annual Real Losses (UARL) and Unavoidable Background Leakage (UBL).
  • Compares performance with international (and regional) data sets, and World Bank Institute Performance Bands A to D for ILI (Infrastructure Leakage Index)

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ALCCalcs – Active Leakage Control

Quick calculations of economic ALC policy

Many Utilities do not have an ALC program, do not know how to calculate an appropriate ALC budget, and are unaware that the annual volume of their Real Losses could be significantly reduced by limiting the average run times of unreported leaks. Quick assessments of economic ALC policies can be done by assuming a policy of ‘regular survey’, in which unreported leaks are identified by periodic acoustic surveys and inspections.

ALCCalcs is designed to assist and encourage Utilities to economically manage unreported leakage. It is an Excel Workbook with colour coded Worksheets tabs

The key output, to help Utilities ‘get started’, is a rapid prediction for each system, with confidence levels, of  economic values of:

  • ALC intervention frequency
  • % of system to be checked/year
  • ALC annual budget  (excluding repair costs)
  • level of unreported real losses

ALC picture1 ALC2










These predictions are based on 3 local system specific parameters

  • value/m3 of lost water  CV
  • cost of intervention CI
  • rate of rise of unreported leakage RR

3 simple ways to estimate average rate of rise of unreported leakage are explained.

The efficiency of Active Leakage Control  can be further improved by measuring and interpreting night flows in individual sectors.

ALCCalcs also provides information and guidance on timing, analysis and interpretation of night flow easurements, including:

  • IWA night flow components terminology
  • identifying when to measure night flows
  • estimating night consumption
  • prioritising ALCl interventions
  • recording elevant Zone information

PressCalcs – An Introduction to Pressure Management Benefits

Key principles for analysis and prediction

Presscalcs picture